Insurance Disputes

You thought you were prepared. You purchased insurance to protect yourself, your family or your business. Maybe you used the services of an insurance broker to obtain insurance coverage. Later on, you became involved in a situation. Perhaps you or your business is being sued, or your home was damaged in a fire or flood. You reported the claim to your insurance company. You believed that your insurance company would honor its obligations and defend you or pay you the fair and reasonable value of your claim.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. You received a response from your insurance company either disclaiming coverage or undervaluing your loss. Despite paying your insurance premiums, your insurance company refused to protect you or pay for your damage.


What do you do now? Contact Seth M. Rosner, P.C.

Seth M. Rosner, P.C. has successfully resolved cases against insurance companies for failing to honor their obligations under an insurance policy or when an insurance company places their interests above those of their policyholders.

Seth M. Rosner, P.C. represents policyholders in many types of insurance-related litigation, including:

  • The denial or undervaluing of Homeowner’s, Flood, or Business Interruption claims.
  • Disclaimers of coverage by an insurance company.
  • Defending policyholders in the underlying lawsuit after their insurance company has disclaimed coverage.
  • Claims against an insurance brokerage or broker for failing to procure insurance coverage.